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What Our Customers Say

  • Lee Huey Ping Avatar
    Lee Huey Ping
    positive review 

    Love the hydrating facial oil! It has stabilised my acne condition for the past 6 months. And everyone around me noticed the difference in my skin condition! My 2nd bottle is on the way and recommending to another friend of... show more

  • Sonia B Avatar
    Sonia B
    positive review 

    A luxury 5-piece starter kit that I have only used for a week and i am sold. This much-loved oil milk cleanser is the best cleanser i have ever tried that removes the make up effortlessly and cleanses my face... show more

  • Subha Santhrasekaran Avatar
    Subha Santhrasekaran
    positive review 

    I'm hooked to the Skin Creamy Everyday Cream! It’s my 3rd bottle and I love the smell!

    I’m just trying out their Oil-Milk cleanser and facial hydrating oil. So far, they seem good & suitable for my dry skin, which is...
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  • Nadia J. McDonald Avatar
    Nadia J. McDonald
    positive review 

    Really happy that I decided to try Savanna Goodness. Bought the oil and cream and my skin feels so soft and moisturised after just 1 week of usage. I also love how the products all made with all-natural ingredients as... show more

  • Janice Chong Avatar
    Janice Chong
    positive review 

    I love Natural products, but is so hard to find a good one. i bought Skin Creamery Oil-milk Cleanser and everyday cream to start with. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, I totally love the smell... show more

  • Tham Yee Quan Jennifer Avatar
    Tham Yee Quan Jennifer
    positive review 

    Tried the Everyday Cream after weeks of hesitation due to the price point, but it is definitely worth it! Soothing and hydrating for my stressed out skin, overall skin texture has improved and less oily too. Plus point, the cream... show more

  • Kat Leong Avatar
    Kat Leong
    positive review 

    I decided to switch to organic skincare products since last year and Skin Creamery was the first line that I stumbled upon. Their products do not disappoint at all! Everyday Cream is surprisingly not greasy and it absorbs quickly into... show more

  • Jane JT Avatar
    Jane JT
    positive review 

    I have been trying a few skin care products from various brands and prices but non of them can help me with my pigmentations. I had an upper lip pigmentations over a year after delivered my first baby. Saw Savanna... show more

  • Jia Ee Avatar
    Jia Ee
    positive review 

    I have purchased their signature bundle which are oil-milk face cleanser and everyday cream~
    I love them so much, no matter the scent or texture~ The scent smell good and quite relaxing and the texture wouldn't make me feel sticky~
    The most...
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  • Jaslyn Lam Avatar
    Jaslyn Lam
    positive review 

    I love the full range of your products! I’m so happy that I get the chance to try out the full range of your products previously in travel size.

    The skin tonic, hydrating oil and cleansing powder are amazing! All...
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