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What Our Customers Say

  • Jenn Fu Avatar
    Jenn Fu
    positive review 

    Always been skeptical when comes to 'Oil-based' products especially when I have oily skin, but am totally blown away with the results. Best of it, minimal fuss! 🥰

  • Taneswari Ramasami Avatar
    Taneswari Ramasami
    positive review 

    I definitely love the Deep cleansing powder. It instantly brightens the face. The cream and Skin Tonic are equally amazing esp the scent and texture. Will recommend to others and not forgetting the friendly staffs who checks up on the... show more

  • Chynna Woon Avatar
    Chynna Woon
    positive review 

    I have been breaking out badly the past couple of months, and I happened to come across SG's website and read the reviews on its products. My skin is combination type, oily on the T-zone with some dry areas on... show more

  • Putri Najwa Avatar
    Putri Najwa
    positive review 

    Have been using the skin tonic and everyday cream within a month, so far sooooo good and doesn’t make me breakout at all. Last night i got pimple, then i apply everyday cream and the next morning my pimple already... show more

  • Evelyn Hii Shang Yi Avatar
    Evelyn Hii Shang Yi
    positive review 

    I've been looking for vegan, natural and cruelty free products for my skin. This is what I've been looking for. Minimalist and result driven products yet natural for any skin type. Been struggling with clogged pores and breakouts even though... show more

  • Ng Yen Chuen Avatar
    Ng Yen Chuen
    positive review 

    I finally found a facial products that suit me. I always have this eczema issues on my face but after using the face oil then follow by the moisturiser I find that I no longer have this problem in just... show more

  • Sonia B Avatar
    Sonia B
    positive review 

    A luxury 5-piece starter kit that I have only used for a week and i am sold. This much-loved oil milk cleanser is the best cleanser i have ever tried that removes the make up effortlessly and cleanses my face... show more

  • Addibah Adnan Avatar
    Addibah Adnan
    positive review 

    The Facial Hydrating Oil works like magic! I have dry skin and this improves my skin condition instantly, it’s part of my night skincare routine now 🙂 Looking forward to try the Everyday Cream next!

  • Tharisine- Balachandran Avatar
    Tharisine- Balachandran
    positive review 

    I've been using the facial hydrating oil for about 3-4 days now, I can see my dark spots due to acne fading. I would happily recommend this product to people with acne problems. And I'm in love with the smell... show more

  • Kat See Avatar
    Kat See
    positive review 

    Loving the Facial Cleansing’s so gentle yet leaves my skin feeling really clean after a long day’s work. Would definitely recommend the Wildflower Water Cream too - I could see the results and improvements on my skin in 2-3... show more

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