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Cheryl Lim Avatar
Cheryl Lim
positive review 

I have used the products for a few days, and it works amazingly great on my oily-combination skin, my face is less oily during the day, and the breakouts are significantly lesser within few days, the appearance of pores are... show more

Fadhilah A Pahmi Avatar
Fadhilah A Pahmi
positive review 

I’ve been using the Oil-Milk Cleanser and Everyday Cream for about a month now and I absolutely love it! I can feel my skin becoming much softer and smoother. I especially love the gentle smell of the cleanser and how... show more

XinJie Lim Avatar
XinJie Lim
positive review 

My second bottle for the skin creamery everyday cream! It was so great that i can use it on my face and body! Most important of the cream was the ingredient where its organic! The effect after applying was great... show more

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  • positive review Been using Everyday Cream for almost two months and I’m in love with it! Highly recommended! My face feels smoother and moisture than before and most importantly is no breakouts! My next collection will be the Skin Tonic and Oil-Milk Cleanser, parcel is... show more

    Melissa Tam Avatar
    Melissa Tam
  • positive review Loving the Facial Cleansing’s so gentle yet leaves my skin feeling really clean after a long day’s work. Would definitely recommend the Wildflower Water Cream too - I could see the results and improvements on my skin in 2-3 applications ❤️

    Kat See Avatar
    Kat See
  • positive review I love the scent and texture of the everyday cream! The scent is very calming and relaxing. Tried the cleansing powder sample and seems good too. Well try that and the Skin tonic next time! I sent and enquiry after the purchase and... show more

    Victoria Dior Wang Avatar
    Victoria Dior Wang
  • positive review I have been breaking out badly the past couple of months, and I happened to come across SG's website and read the reviews on its products. My skin is combination type, oily on the T-zone with some dry areas on the cheek. Decided... show more

    Chynna Woon Avatar
    Chynna Woon
  • positive review This is my second-time purchase of the Facial Hydrating Oil. I love the smell of it and I can see the difference on my face after using it for some time, my pores are not that visible anymore. This time around as there... show more

    Anique Zakaria Avatar
    Anique Zakaria
  • positive review I tried Skin Creamery’s oil to milk cleanser & bentonite buchu powder mask at my friend’s place over the weekend and it cleared up some of my adult acne just in two days 🙀 So naturally I ordered both of them the moment... show more

    Aishah Mohamad Avatar
    Aishah Mohamad
  • positive review OMG can I just say that I'm absolutely in love with your products!? I got the cleansing powder and the facial oil and have been diligently using them day and night since last Wednesday! I use them with the Avene thermal spring water.... show more

    Melia Ho Avatar
    Melia Ho
  • positive review I tried the oil milk cleanser and the cleansing powder. The milk cleanser leaves the skin moisturised and has a divine smell. The cleansing powder doubles as a cleanser and a scrub! Both are great products and it is comforting to know that... show more

    Shaarmila Kanesan Avatar
    Shaarmila Kanesan
  • positive review Have been using their cleansing powder and facial oil for >2w. I'm so pleased with the results. I usually have congested skin again a day after facial but since started using the cleansing powder and facial oil daily, I don't have this issue... show more

    Stephy Goh Avatar
    Stephy Goh
  • positive review I've been looking for vegan, natural and cruelty free products for my skin. This is what I've been looking for. Minimalist and result driven products yet natural for any skin type. Been struggling with clogged pores and breakouts even though I've quite a... show more

    Evelyn Hii Shang Yi Avatar
    Evelyn Hii Shang Yi
  • positive review I love Natural products, but is so hard to find a good one. i bought Skin Creamery Oil-milk Cleanser and everyday cream to start with. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, I totally love the smell of the cleanser... show more

    Janice Chong Avatar
    Janice Chong
  • positive review Totally in love with their Everyday Cream & Oil-based cleanser! One of the very best product I’ve tried and simply love using it everyday. Would definitely recommend to others to try it as well! ❤️

    Radhika Arunasalam Avatar
    Radhika Arunasalam
  • positive review So I've been using some of their product for just over a week and I just had to write a review because it's my new essential products. Best yet is organic!! I have been very pleased with especially the rich and moist hydrating... show more

    Shemane Lee Avatar
    Shemane Lee
  • positive review I am currently using the oil milk cleanser, the deep cleansing powder as well as the skin tonic! First off, for someone with ridiculously sensitive skin, I can never exfoliate. But this deep cleansing powder actually helps me with my irritations. The irritations... show more

    Li Ann Mah Avatar
    Li Ann Mah
  • positive review I decided to switch to organic skincare products since last year and Skin Creamery was the first line that I stumbled upon. Their products do not disappoint at all! Everyday Cream is surprisingly not greasy and it absorbs quickly into my skin. Combined... show more

    Kat Leong Avatar
    Kat Leong
  • positive review I'm hooked to the Skin Creamy Everyday Cream! It’s my 3rd bottle and I love the smell!

    I’m just trying out their oil-milk cleanser and facial hydrating oil. So far, they seem good & suitable for my dry skin, which is exactly why I...
    show more

    Subha Santhrasekaran Avatar
    Subha Santhrasekaran
  • positive review What i love about its product is the simplicity of use and the mixed of natural and sustainable ingredients used to create amazing and safe skincare. Im always curious about the goodness of Baobab especially in skincare product.

    I have used the Skin...
    show more

    Farah Ibrahim Avatar
    Farah Ibrahim
  • positive review The first thing that impressed me was the packing. The products come with a nice packaging just like a gift.
    1st tried on the Oil Milk Cleanser. It leave my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
    Also feel amazed with the Everyday Cream which can...
    show more

    Phoebe Lim Avatar
    Phoebe Lim
  • positive review I’ve tried the full range of Skin Creamery and found it suitable for my oily skin with large pores. My skin condition has improved. My faves are the Skin Tonic and Everyday Cream. But more than the products, it is the staff of... show more

    Nicola Song Avatar
    Nicola Song
  • positive review Theres something magical about this product. Somehow it works for my combination skin.. my acne reduced in a day or 2... Skin become soft n supple.. not to mention they smells good too... It makes u feel like ur in a spa n... show more

    Eleena Rusli Avatar
    Eleena Rusli
  • positive review Hi! I tried their sample set over the last weekend and instantly fell in love with all the products! I've never came across products that were so compatible with my sensitive and combination skin that doesn't dry out my skin, is actually... show more

    Sofia Amira Avatar
    Sofia Amira
  • positive review Tried the travel pack, and so amazed with the immediate translucent effect on my skin.
    After a facial session with my regular ‘more expensive’ products, my skin turned reddish, very dry and itchy when I sweat.
    Went back for a mini spa session but still...
    show more

    Nora Abd Jalil Avatar
    Nora Abd Jalil
  • positive review Love the hydrating facial oil! It has stabilised my acne condition for the past 6 months. And everyone around me noticed the difference in my skin condition! My 2nd bottle is on the way and recommending to another friend of mine. 🙂

    Lee Huey Ping Avatar
    Lee Huey Ping
  • positive review Tried cleansing powder for the past 1 month and surprisingly, my blackhead getting lesser. It doesn't cause any dryness to my skin as well even though it has exfoliates factors. Highly recommend to those who had blackhead problem.

    Shu Wen Avatar
    Shu Wen
  • positive review I believe that the products offered by Savanna Goodness are excellent and the results are evident on my sensitive skin. I have literally thrown out all the other products and am merely using the products from Savanna Goodness to maintain my sensitive skin.

    Yasmin Yashodha Avatar
    Yasmin Yashodha
  • positive review Honestly i love love love the three items i recently bought ; the cleansing powder, hydrating oil and everyday cream and the hydrating oil is amazing! The oil makes my skin soft smooth and glowing at the same time. Even when I makeup,... show more

    Anna Amir Avatar
    Anna Amir
  • positive review Amazing experience. Using for 2 weeks now. My skin is so radiant when it use to be so dull. The aroma of the everyday cream is so heavenly and not oily/greasy at all. Love it too much ! God job savanna team!

    Deeran Kler Avatar
    Deeran Kler
  • positive review Just got the product this week, only been using the everyday cream and hydration oil for few days and it’s amazing! My face is not as oily in the day and next day when I wake up. Let’s see how it benefits in... show more

    Belle Tan Avatar
    Belle Tan
  • positive review When I woke up this morning, I looked into the mirror and saw that 90% of my skin allergy had disappeared! That was my third application so far of the Skin Creamery. Since I started, my skin has been looking silky smooth, more... show more

    Fei Shan Avatar
    Fei Shan
  • positive review I have tried the full range of Skin Creamery. Absolutely love the Oil-Milk Cleanser, Skin Tonic, Facial Oil, the Everyday Cream and Cleansing Powder. This range treats my skin so well and I love the smell.. so calming.. my words for these products... show more

    Shakina Ismail Avatar
    Shakina Ismail

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