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Fair Trade

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By choosing to pay small independent farmers a fair price, we are helping the small communities rather than the profit driven big businesses. These small farmers mostly work the farms themselves with help from family members and hired help from the nearby villages. This also ensures sustainable farming and good social support to them and generations to come. Savanna Goodness supports brands which practice Fair Trade and champions Ethical Consumerism.

Social Goodness

At Savanna Goodness, we work hard to make sure that our business is in alignment with our values. We source from community driven producers who pay farmers a fair price for their products, ensuring their well-being and their ability to support their families. By doing this, we give consumers an alternative to major brand manufacturers who monopolize the trade and supply chain with contract prices. We’re driven by our belief in the importance of the relationship between people and the planet, so we never source products that are tested on animals. We’re also committed to empowering women; by supporting businesses run by women and employing stay-at- home women as distributors for our products, we give them freedom and the ability to support themselves and their families.

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