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What Our Customers Say

  • Sasha Farina Avatar
    Sasha Farina
    positive review 

    I’m in love with their Facial Cleansing Powder and Oil Milk Cleanser. My skin felt so smooth right after the very first usage. The smell is so soothing too. Nothing too strong, just very calming and soothing to me after... show more

  • Yap Enxin Avatar
    Yap Enxin
    positive review 

    So pleased with the Everyday cream which I have been recommending people around me to try it out! Love the instant absorption which left with no oil residue on skin, the natural essential oil scent & silky texture that enlighten... show more

  • Shirlene Chan Avatar
    Shirlene Chan
    positive review 

    I started with the Everyday Cream and now I have almost the full range except for the Powder Cleanser. I don’t have much problems with my skin before, maybe a little pimple here and there but overall I had good... show more

  • Fei Shan Avatar
    Fei Shan
    positive review 

    When I woke up this morning, I looked into the mirror and saw that 90% of my skin allergy had disappeared! That was my third application so far of the Skin Creamery. Since I started, my skin has been looking... show more

  • Kayee Lim Avatar
    Kayee Lim
    positive review 

    Good product with affordable price!! Using the moisturizer for my décolletage, neck and chest area! Small bumps gone!! Love it!

  • Anis Suzana Avatar
    Anis Suzana
    positive review 

    Stumble upon this natural product line by chance and it’s simply amazing!! The scent is heavenly, easy no-nonsense usage and application. My skin loves it!! Impressive, friendly customer service and follow ups. A definite high recommendation. Thanks so much Abby 😘

  • Siti Nurbaizura Avatar
    Siti Nurbaizura
    positive review 

    I started using the skin tonic and everyday cream as I purchased the limited bundle set. Its been great on my skin. I finally found a cream based moisturiser that non greasy and it settle down nicely on my skin.... show more

  • Emmy Zakaria Avatar
    Emmy Zakaria

    I love everything about Skin Creamery! The packaging, the scent, the texture, the philosophy behind it! It contains organic Baobab that is rich in powerful antioxidants which protect skin against free radical damage. �

  • Ainaa Zulkifli Avatar
    Ainaa Zulkifli
    positive review 

    I've been consistently using the hydrating oil for my nighttime skincare routine and it really does wonder. Smells amazing and perfect before you tuck into bed. mix that with your preferred serum and trust me,it works.

  • Yasmin Yashodha Avatar
    Yasmin Yashodha
    positive review 

    I believe that the products offered by Savanna Goodness are excellent and the results are evident on my sensitive skin. I have literally thrown out all the other products and am merely using the products from Savanna Goodness to maintain... show more

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