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What Our Customers Say

  • SueTee Gan Avatar
    SueTee Gan
    positive review 

    Most cleansers in the market are foam based and the non-foam based are usually unable to clean the face properly. I have been using an organic New Zealand brand cleanser till they discontinued in Malaysia. Have been trying to find... show more

  • Shaarmila Kanesan Avatar
    Shaarmila Kanesan
    positive review 

    I tried the oil milk cleanser and the cleansing powder. The milk cleanser leaves the skin moisturised and has a divine smell. The cleansing powder doubles as a cleanser and a scrub! Both are great products and it is comforting... show more

  • Wooi Swen Avatar
    Wooi Swen
    positive review 

    Found this brand out of accident n fall in love for the texture and smell of the products. I've been searching for products that are suitable for my sensitive and troublesome skin, and Skin Creamery was the answer of my... show more

  • Addibah Adnan Avatar
    Addibah Adnan
    positive review 

    The Facial Hydrating Oil works like magic! I have dry skin and this improves my skin condition instantly, itโ€™s part of my night skincare routine now ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to try the Everyday Cream next!

  • Tham Yee Quan Jennifer Avatar
    Tham Yee Quan Jennifer
    positive review 

    Tried the Everyday Cream after weeks of hesitation due to the price point, but it is definitely worth it! Soothing and hydrating for my stressed out skin, overall skin texture has improved and less oily too. Plus point, the cream... show more

  • Sofia Amira Avatar
    Sofia Amira
    positive review 

    Hi! I tried their sample set over the last weekend and instantly fell in love with all the products! I've never came across products that were so compatible with my sensitive and combination skin that doesn't dry out my... show more

  • Tracy Wong Avatar
    Tracy Wong
    positive review 

    Been trying these products for over a week and Iโ€™m absolutely loving them ! The baobab malachite rose toner has a really calming rosy scent, and it leaves a cooling and refreshing sensation to my skin. The none greasy hydrating... show more

  • Shang Hui Chung Avatar
    Shang Hui Chung
    positive review 

    I am always on the mission to search for skincare that suits me - and my search ends with Savanna Goodness. My skin condition has never been better - less visible pores and balanced (neither too greasy nor too dry).... show more

  • Victoria Dior Wang Avatar
    Victoria Dior Wang
    positive review 

    I love the scent and texture of the everyday cream! The scent is very calming and relaxing. Tried the cleansing powder sample and seems good too. Well try that and the Skin tonic next time! I sent and enquiry after... show more

  • Eleena Rusli Avatar
    Eleena Rusli
    positive review 

    Theres something magical about this product. Somehow it works for my combination skin.. my acne reduced in a day or 2... Skin become soft n supple.. not to mention they smells good too... It makes u feel like ur in... show more

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