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What Our Customers Say

  • Victoria Dior Wang Avatar
    Victoria Dior Wang
    positive review 

    I love the scent and texture of the everyday cream! The scent is very calming and relaxing. Tried the cleansing powder sample and seems good too. Well try that and the Skin tonic next time! I sent and enquiry after... show more

  • Subha Santhrasekaran Avatar
    Subha Santhrasekaran
    positive review 

    I'm hooked to the Skin Creamy Everyday Cream! It’s my 3rd bottle and I love the smell!

    I’m just trying out their Oil-Milk cleanser and facial hydrating oil. So far, they seem good & suitable for my dry skin, which is...
    show more

  • Shemane Lee Avatar
    Shemane Lee
    positive review 

    So I've been using some of their product for just over a week and I just had to write a review because it's my new essential products. Best yet is organic!! I have been very pleased with especially the rich... show more

  • SueTee Gan Avatar
    SueTee Gan
    positive review 

    Most cleansers in the market are foam based and the non-foam based are usually unable to clean the face properly. I have been using an organic New Zealand brand cleanser till they discontinued in Malaysia. Have been trying to find... show more

  • Ainaa Zulkifli Avatar
    Ainaa Zulkifli
    positive review 

    I've been consistently using the hydrating oil for my nighttime skincare routine and it really does wonder. Smells amazing and perfect before you tuck into bed. mix that with your preferred serum and trust me,it works.

  • Jeline Lee Avatar
    Jeline Lee

    Absolutely love the Skin Tonic and Hydrating Oil, it smells divine and have made a real visible difference on my skin. Best toner I’ve used so far, leave my skin feeling refreshed, hydrate and nourished. I can’t even begin... show more

  • Shirlene Chan Avatar
    Shirlene Chan
    positive review 

    I started with the Everyday Cream and now I have almost the full range except for the Powder Cleanser. I don’t have much problems with my skin before, maybe a little pimple here and there but overall I had good... show more

  • Tharinee Wong Avatar
    Tharinee Wong
    positive review 

    the oil milk cleanser is my favourite to remove all my makeup whilst keeping the skin soft. It washes out easily with water without any oily residue and smells wonderful 🥰

  • Kayee Lim Avatar
    Kayee Lim
    positive review 

    Good product with affordable price!! Using the moisturizer for my décolletage, neck and chest area! Small bumps gone!! Love it!

  • Addibah Adnan Avatar
    Addibah Adnan
    positive review 

    The Facial Hydrating Oil works like magic! I have dry skin and this improves my skin condition instantly, it’s part of my night skincare routine now 🙂 Looking forward to try the Everyday Cream next!

  • This luxurious cleanser gently nourishes as it lifts make-up and impurities. It can safely be used around the eye area, conditioning lashes and brows in the process. The silky oil formulation can remove even waterproof products.

    Oil-Milk Cleanser

    SGD $63
  • This luxurious dual phase elixir restores radiance to your complexion. Consists of omega-rich oil phase and anti-oxidant rose water phase, it remineralises and rejuvenates your cells from within by gently nourishing your delicate skin cells. Contains precious Malachite which has well-ageing & protective benefits.

    Skin Tonic

    SGD $63
  • The luxurious Everyday Cream is light enough to use on the face, and rich enough to use all over the body. It sinks instantly into the skin leaving no greasy residue. Made with organic omega rich baobab, coconut and jojoba oils, silky smooth and supple skin starts now!

    Everyday Cream

    SGD $63

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