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Articles on skin care

  • Makeup Remover

    Benefits Of Oil Cleansing

    If this is your first time hearing about oil cleansing, you are not alone. Most of us relate oil on our skin as something which is unhygienic that needs to be washed away for a squeaky clean skin. If you love the foam your cleanser produces, I am sure you will love to try the [...] More
  • Fair Trade Skin Care as Published in The Edge Malaysia

    Article published by the The Edge Malaysia : Like every new mother, Kelly Cheah had her fair share of harrowing post-partum skin conditions that left her feeling helpless. It was after she gave birth to her second child that she finally looked into natural skincare alternatives as she had begun reacting badly to synthetic substances in [...] More
  • Benefits Of Organic Facial Oil For Your Skin

    Facial oils have been the craze in recent times. We have heard and seen so much research poured into it that almost all major skin care brands have it in their offering. On the other hand, there are those who cringe upon the thought of applying oil on their face. Let us delve deeper to [...] More
  • Bentonite Clay on face

    Bentonite Clay absorbs impurities the best!

    Formed after years of weathering volcanic ash, bentonite clay is packed with tonnes of natural occurring minerals. The benefits of bentonite clay in skin care regime is immense. By mixing with water, its electrical charge turns negative therefore able to bond with toxins and impurities. It has been used by ancient people when they have [...] More
  • Baobab : Secret To Younger and Nourished Skin

    The baobab tree is one of the most incredible plants in the world: it can live up to 5000 years, store up to 120,000 litres of water in its trunk, and regenerate after being burned or stripped of bark. Also known as the Tree of Life, the baobab tree produces one of the most nutrient-rich [...] More
  • Shedding Light On Animal Testing In The Beauty Industry

    We’re proudly cruelty-free Every time you open your wallet, you’re taking a stand. We believe in keeping beauty pure, and doing business in a way that doesn’t harm the planet or any of its inhabitants. We’re proud to be endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty – our promise that none of our luxurious skincare products are [...] More
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