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Skin Creamery Luxury Natural Skincare

Brand Story.

In a world flooded with information and choice, Skin Creamery exists to simplify skin care, stripping bare your daily routine to the essentials that naturally nourish and nurture the skin. The Skin Creamery ethos is to be kind to the earth, and kind to your skin. The range was founded in 2014, by Hannah Rubin, with a commitment to natural, simple living. Hannah’s childhood in South Africa’s verdant Garden Route region fostered in her a passion for a conscious way of life. Her training exposed her to quality skin care products and top spas, where she learnt a deep appreciation for the carefully composed feel and scent of each luxury product; and the way each carried a unique sense of wellbeing or upliftment. Intrigued by these sensory experiences, Hannah studied the composition of products, researching ingredients and their properties to develop a minimalist organic skin care range.


Organic Skin Care

Simple, Effective Skin Care.
Skin Creamery

To bring calm and ease to her busy daily routine, Hannah envisioned a beautiful skin care product that could be placed beside the bath or shower – one product for face and body, with an all-over hydrating effect that wouldn’t compromise on quality. Working closely with a specialising chemist, she crafted the Everyday Cream over the course of a year and a half – and the journey that is Skin Creamery had began.

Throughout the years, Hannah has remained committed to using only the finest organic ingredients. This means each component in Skin Creamery products is more gentle on the skin and less likely to cause irritation. Every ingredient is selected for its unique healing qualities and ability to easily penetrate the skin.

The Skin Creamery vision is to instill a daily ritual of simple self-care, which translates into a loving appreciation for who you are, just as you are.


Made in Cape Town with love.

  • This luxurious cleanser gently nourishes as it lifts make-up and impurities. It can safely be used around the eye area, conditioning lashes and brows in the process. The silky oil formulation can remove even waterproof products.

    Oil-Milk Cleanser

    RM189 RM175
  • Perfect for those who love to try a light oil moisturizer/toner & a luxurious treat for your skin. It contains the light Skin Tonic and the luxurious Everyday Cream for face and body.

    Light & Luxurious Bundle

    RM358 RM319
  • Use the Oil-Milk Cleanser as a gentle daily cleanser/makeup remover and the Cleansing Powder 3 times a week for deep cleansing & exfoliation. This bundle includes the full-size Oil-Milk Cleanser and Cleansing Powder. See the difference after the first use!

    Cleansing Duo

    RM338 RM299

What Our Customers Say

  • Shima K Avatar
    Shima K
    positive review 

    Just bought the Skin Creamery Everyday Cream and tried for the first time on my sensitive and dry skin. Love the texture and natural scent of the cream and how it moisture and made my... show more

  • Twinkle Nathaniel Avatar
    Twinkle Nathaniel
    positive review 

    My skin felt so smooth and hydrated. My acne scar also reducing. Highly recommend! FYI I have been using it for 1week now and totally can see the difference.

  • Fei Shan Avatar
    Fei Shan
    positive review 

    When I woke up this morning, I looked into the mirror and saw that 90% of my skin allergy had disappeared! That was my third application so far of the Skin Creamery. Since I started,... show more

  • Putri Najwa Avatar
    Putri Najwa
    positive review 

    Have been using the skin tonic and everyday cream within a month, so far sooooo good and doesn’t make me breakout at all. Last night i got pimple, then i apply everyday cream and the... show more

  • Aliah Azmi Avatar
    Aliah Azmi
    positive review 

    The Oil Milk Cleanser is my go-to facial cleanser. It is hydrating, smells heavenly and one 200ml bottle will last you about a year. Can't wait to repurchase!

  • Samporanam Muthukrishnan Avatar
    Samporanam Muthukrishnan
    positive review 

    Loving the products so far. Have been using the cleansing powder and facial hydrating oil for a week now and there is a noticeable glow on my face😍

  • Awanis Muhamad Lazim Avatar
    Awanis Muhamad Lazim
    positive review 

    I tried the skin tonic. I love it instantly, it smells good, feels fresh and u will feel safe once u apply it on ur skin. It gives instant glow to ur skin. Suitable to... show more

  • Noraidah Ismail Avatar
    Noraidah Ismail
    positive review 

    I use Skin Creamery products for the past two months and fall in love with them. The cleanser does not dry out my skin; the facial hydrating oil it isn’t oily nor greasy. The Everyday... show more

  • Jennifer Agnes Avatar
    Jennifer Agnes
    positive review 

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SAVANNA GOODNESS PRODUCTS! I SO ❤ EVERY SINGLE ITEM that I've purchased! i.e. the Travel Kit & Skin Tonic! Just ❤ how each product feels on my skin! DIVINE BLISS! 🥰 Looking... show more

  • Shirlene Chan Avatar
    Shirlene Chan
    positive review 

    I started with the Everyday Cream and now I have almost the full range except for the Powder Cleanser. I don’t have much problems with my skin before, maybe a little pimple here and there... show more

  • Rumaizah Mat Som Avatar
    Rumaizah Mat Som
    positive review 

    Deeply in love with the Facial Hydrating Oil.. smells so good and calming, i use it daily day and night, it helps to maintain skin moisture and the texture is not oily, tho the... show more

  • Shakina Ismail Avatar
    Shakina Ismail
    positive review 

    I have tried the full range of Skin Creamery. Absolutely love the Oil-Milk Cleanser, Skin Tonic, Facial Oil, the Everyday Cream and Cleansing Powder. This range treats my skin so well and I love the... show more

  • Irene Chai Avatar
    Irene Chai
    positive review 

    I've been using their facial cleansing powder, everyday cream and facial Hydrating oil. I particularly like the everyday cream is light and non-greasy. I have noticed a significant improvement on my skin after a month... show more

  • Khor Wei Wei Avatar
    Khor Wei Wei
    positive review 


  • Mia Ai Avatar
    Mia Ai
    positive review 

    At first, i bought the Powder Cleanser and hydrating facial oil just because of its stylish-nordic packaging. Then I was so surprised on what it has done to my dry and rough skin. My skin... show more

  • Wooi Swen Avatar
    Wooi Swen
    positive review 

    Found this brand out of accident n fall in love for the texture and smell of the products. I've been searching for products that are suitable for my sensitive and troublesome skin, and Skin Creamery... show more

  • May Lin Chee Avatar
    May Lin Chee
    positive review 

    Absolutely love their products.. tried their oil milk cleanser , everyday face cream and oil hydrating facial oil ..it keeps my skin smooth and hydrated .. try it to believe it !! ❤️

  • Zaa Fira Avatar
    Zaa Fira
    positive review 

    Just bought my second bottle. This oil helps me a lot, used it as my last step for night routine. No more dry patches (I have dry & sensitive skin), and it also keeps my... show more

  • Indra Goslih Bajkusa Avatar
    Indra Goslih Bajkusa
    positive review 

    There is nothing not to love about this Skin Creamery. The smell of it is enough meditating and I don’t feel it heavy neither oily on my face. And the after result is awesome! So... show more

  • Haslinda Mohd Daud Avatar
    Haslinda Mohd Daud
    positive review 

    I have oily, opened pore and dehydrated skin. I will have breakouts from closed and open comedones on and off under the face and chin areas. Skin creamery minimalist products do help my skin a... show more

  • Ainaa Zulkifli Avatar
    Ainaa Zulkifli
    positive review 

    I've been consistently using the hydrating oil for my nighttime skincare routine and it really does wonder. Smells amazing and perfect before you tuck into bed. mix that with your preferred serum and trust me,it works.

  • Abdan Khaliq Avatar
    Abdan Khaliq
    positive review 

    “im in love with diz product.. almost 2 mnths with a great experince with it.. from d clenser till everyday cream...during menses my red acne gone only within 1 day...d everyday cream moisture my skin... show more

  • Yee Swang Tay Avatar
    Yee Swang Tay
    positive review 

    Their products are amazing & worked on my skin! I tried the Skin Creamery Everyday Cream, Oil-milk cleanser & Skin Tonic 7 days ago. My skin improved with lesser breakout & acne scars have reduced... show more

  • Jayne Voon Phoe Yearn Avatar
    Jayne Voon Phoe Yearn
    positive review 

    Bought the Skin Creamery Travel Kit. The smell is amazing and skin feels soft and supple. The everyday cream is also suitable for my 13 year old. Will definitely consider buying the skin tonic!

  • Jane JT Avatar
    Jane JT
    positive review 

    I have been trying a few skin care products from various brands and prices but non of them can help me with my pigmentations. I had an upper lip pigmentations over a year after delivered... show more

  • Yaminah Yassin Avatar
    Yaminah Yassin
    positive review 

    My first purchase was the Cleansing Powder and Everyday Cream. I had large pores, few bumps as in tiny pimples and dullness on my face. The cleansing powder has been really good, as my face... show more

  • WeiPeng Liew Avatar
    WeiPeng Liew
    positive review 

    As I aged, my skin has become very sensitive. Oily T zone & very dry. Have been looking for a right cleanser for quite some time. At last found it in the oil and milk... show more

  • Munirah Moon Alattas Avatar
    Munirah Moon Alattas
    positive review 

    I stumbled upon Skin Creamy range by chance and I bought the whole set because the packaging was gorgeous. I've decided to give these beautiful range my fullest commitment without mixing it with any other... show more

  • Ada Go Yang Chuan Avatar
    Ada Go Yang Chuan
    positive review 

    Had purchased Skin Creamery's jojoba melon seed facial hydrating oil and coconut jojoba everyday cream and surprisingly both are really great on my skin. Made my skin feeling so hydrating and soft! Loving it and... show more

  • Wan Asfa Laili Avatar
    Wan Asfa Laili
    positive review 

    I am currently using the facial hydrating oil, the everyday cream and the oil milk facial cleanser. Love what they do to my skin. No more dry skin. My skin is no longer itchy.... show more

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