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What Our Customers Say

  • Nicola Song Avatar
    Nicola Song
    positive review 

    I’ve tried the full range of Skin Creamery and found it suitable for my oily skin with large pores. My skin condition has improved. My faves are the Skin Tonic and Everyday Cream. But more... show more

  • Nur Lisa Romli Avatar
    Nur Lisa Romli
    positive review 

    I have been using the skin creamery everyday cream for a month now and am seeing positive improvement to my sensitive skin.. i still got those annoying zits now and then but after a day... show more

  • Yap Enxin Avatar
    Yap Enxin
    positive review 

    So pleased with the Everyday cream which I have been recommending people around me to try it out! Love the instant absorption which left with no oil residue on skin, the natural essential oil scent... show more

  • Eleena Rusli Avatar
    Eleena Rusli
    positive review 

    Theres something magical about this product. Somehow it works for my combination skin.. my acne reduced in a day or 2... Skin become soft n supple.. not to mention they smells good too... It makes... show more

  • Addie Bee Avatar
    Addie Bee
    positive review 

    I got their Everyday Cream and I'm in love. The texture is truly creamy and moisturising for my face, the scent is natural and clean. I like that the ingredients are all organic. The term... show more

  • Jasmin Ng Saw Avatar
    Jasmin Ng Saw
    positive review 

    Bought the Skin Creamery All Purpose Moisturiser and Skin Tonic. Their products smell amazing like spa. Will definitely repurchase

  • Chin Mun Pheng Avatar
    Chin Mun Pheng
    positive review 

    I was skeptical at first when my friend told me abt Savanna Goodness, this i because i hv a very sensitive skin. If the product is wrong, i will get break outs quite immediately. I... show more

  • Suguna Penang Avatar
    Suguna Penang
    positive review 

    Just bought a sample purse. I really fall in luv with the herbs and organic smell. The everyday cream smell such as lovely and relax. Normally I feel headaches with nice smell but this time... show more

  • Sofia Amira Avatar
    Sofia Amira
    positive review 

    Hi! I tried their sample set over the last weekend and instantly fell in love with all the products! I've never came across products that were so compatible with my sensitive and combination skin... show more

  • Lee Huey Ping Avatar
    Lee Huey Ping
    positive review 

    Love the hydrating facial oil! It has stabilised my acne condition for the past 6 months. And everyone around me noticed the difference in my skin condition! My 2nd bottle is on the way and... show more

  • Yasmin Yashodha Avatar
    Yasmin Yashodha
    positive review 

    I believe that the products offered by Savanna Goodness are excellent and the results are evident on my sensitive skin. I have literally thrown out all the other products and am merely using the products... show more

  • Anna Amir Avatar
    Anna Amir
    positive review 

    Honestly i love love love the three items i recently bought ; the cleansing powder, hydrating oil and everyday cream and the hydrating oil is amazing! The oil makes my skin soft smooth and glowing... show more

  • Tharisine- Balachandran Avatar
    Tharisine- Balachandran
    positive review 

    I've been using the facial hydrating oil for about 3-4 days now, I can see my dark spots due to acne fading. I would happily recommend this product to people with acne problems. And I'm... show more

  • Deeran Kler Avatar
    Deeran Kler
    positive review 

    Amazing experience. Using for 2 weeks now. My skin is so radiant when it use to be so dull. The aroma of the everyday cream is so heavenly and not oily/greasy at all. Love it... show more

  • Belle Tan Avatar
    Belle Tan
    positive review 

    Just got the product this week, only been using the everyday cream and hydration oil for few days and it’s amazing! My face is not as oily in the day and next day when I... show more

  • Shima K Avatar
    Shima K
    positive review 

    Just bought the Skin Creamery Everyday Cream and tried for the first time on my sensitive and dry skin. Love the texture and natural scent of the cream and how it moisture and made my... show more

  • Twinkle Nathaniel Avatar
    Twinkle Nathaniel
    positive review 

    My skin felt so smooth and hydrated. My acne scar also reducing. Highly recommend! FYI I have been using it for 1week now and totally can see the difference.

  • Fei Shan Avatar
    Fei Shan
    positive review 

    When I woke up this morning, I looked into the mirror and saw that 90% of my skin allergy had disappeared! That was my third application so far of the Skin Creamery. Since I started,... show more

  • Putri Najwa Avatar
    Putri Najwa
    positive review 

    Have been using the skin tonic and everyday cream within a month, so far sooooo good and doesn’t make me breakout at all. Last night i got pimple, then i apply everyday cream and the... show more

  • Aliah Azmi Avatar
    Aliah Azmi
    positive review 

    The Oil Milk Cleanser is my go-to facial cleanser. It is hydrating, smells heavenly and one 200ml bottle will last you about a year. Can't wait to repurchase!

  • Samporanam Muthukrishnan Avatar
    Samporanam Muthukrishnan
    positive review 

    Loving the products so far. Have been using the cleansing powder and facial hydrating oil for a week now and there is a noticeable glow on my face😍

  • Awanis Muhamad Lazim Avatar
    Awanis Muhamad Lazim
    positive review 

    I tried the skin tonic. I love it instantly, it smells good, feels fresh and u will feel safe once u apply it on ur skin. It gives instant glow to ur skin. Suitable to... show more

  • Noraidah Ismail Avatar
    Noraidah Ismail
    positive review 

    I use Skin Creamery products for the past two months and fall in love with them. The cleanser does not dry out my skin; the facial hydrating oil it isn’t oily nor greasy. The Everyday... show more

  • Jennifer Agnes Avatar
    Jennifer Agnes
    positive review 

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SAVANNA GOODNESS PRODUCTS! I SO ❤ EVERY SINGLE ITEM that I've purchased! i.e. the Travel Kit & Skin Tonic! Just ❤ how each product feels on my skin! DIVINE BLISS! 🥰 Looking... show more

  • Shirlene Chan Avatar
    Shirlene Chan
    positive review 

    I started with the Everyday Cream and now I have almost the full range except for the Powder Cleanser. I don’t have much problems with my skin before, maybe a little pimple here and there... show more

  • Rumaizah Mat Som Avatar
    Rumaizah Mat Som
    positive review 

    Deeply in love with the Facial Hydrating Oil.. smells so good and calming, i use it daily day and night, it helps to maintain skin moisture and the texture is not oily, tho the... show more

  • Shakina Ismail Avatar
    Shakina Ismail
    positive review 

    I have tried the full range of Skin Creamery. Absolutely love the Oil-Milk Cleanser, Skin Tonic, Facial Oil, the Everyday Cream and Cleansing Powder. This range treats my skin so well and I love the... show more

  • Irene Chai Avatar
    Irene Chai
    positive review 

    I've been using their facial cleansing powder, everyday cream and facial Hydrating oil. I particularly like the everyday cream is light and non-greasy. I have noticed a significant improvement on my skin after a month... show more

  • Khor Wei Wei Avatar
    Khor Wei Wei
    positive review 


  • Mia Ai Avatar
    Mia Ai
    positive review 

    At first, i bought the Powder Cleanser and hydrating facial oil just because of its stylish-nordic packaging. Then I was so surprised on what it has done to my dry and rough skin. My skin... show more

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