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What Our Customers Say

  • Vera Wong Avatar
    Vera Wong
    positive review 

    I bought the purifying bundle set couple a days ago, and their products are so gentle to my skin, i could feel my skin is clean after using the cleansing powder, and I hydrates my skin with skin tonic and... show more

  • Shang Hui Chung Avatar
    Shang Hui Chung
    positive review 

    I am always on the mission to search for skincare that suits me - and my search ends with Savanna Goodness. My skin condition has never been better - less visible pores and balanced (neither too greasy nor too dry).... show more

  • Nurmi Nasir Avatar
    Nurmi Nasir
    positive review 

    i love it...for 1st trial i bought facial hydrating oil and Skin Creamery Oil-Milk Facial Cleanser. This oil cleanser gently nourishes skin, while effectively removing every last trace of impurities and makeup. After you’ve massaged it into your skin, add... show more

  • XinJie Lim Avatar
    XinJie Lim
    positive review 

    My second bottle for the skin creamery everyday cream! It was so great that i can use it on my face and body! Most important of the cream was the ingredient where its organic! The effect after applying was great... show more

  • Tracy Wong Avatar
    Tracy Wong
    positive review 

    Been trying these products for over a week and I’m absolutely loving them ! The baobab malachite rose toner has a really calming rosy scent, and it leaves a cooling and refreshing sensation to my skin. The none greasy hydrating... show more

  • Wooi Swen Avatar
    Wooi Swen
    positive review 

    Found this brand out of accident n fall in love for the texture and smell of the products. I've been searching for products that are suitable for my sensitive and troublesome skin, and Skin Creamery was the answer of my... show more

  • Jeline Lee Avatar
    Jeline Lee

    Absolutely love the Skin Tonic and Hydrating Oil, it smells divine and have made a real visible difference on my skin. Best toner I’ve used so far, leave my skin feeling refreshed, hydrate and nourished. I can’t even begin... show more

  • Kat See Avatar
    Kat See
    positive review 

    Loving the Facial Cleansing’s so gentle yet leaves my skin feeling really clean after a long day’s work. Would definitely recommend the Wildflower Water Cream too - I could see the results and improvements on my skin in 2-3... show more

  • Jaslyn Lam Avatar
    Jaslyn Lam
    positive review 

    I love the full range of your products! I’m so happy that I get the chance to try out the full range of your products previously in travel size.

    The skin tonic, hydrating oil and cleansing powder are amazing! All...
    show more

  • Irene Chai Avatar
    Irene Chai
    positive review 

    I've been using their facial cleansing powder, everyday cream and facial Hydrating oil. I particularly like the everyday cream is light and non-greasy. I have noticed a significant improvement on my skin after a month and very happy to at... show more

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