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Light & Luxurious Bundle


Perfect for those who love to try a light oil moisturizer/toner & a luxurious treat for your skin. It contains the light Skin Tonic and the luxurious Everyday Cream for face and body.

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Everyday Cream

The luxurious Everyday Cream is light enough to use on the face, and rich enough to use all over the body. It sinks instantly into the skin leaving no greasy residue. Made with organic omega rich baobab, coconut and jojoba oils, silky smooth and supple skin starts now!

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Skin Tonic

This luxurious dual phase elixir restores radiance to your complexion. Consists of omega-rich oil phase and anti-oxidant rose water phase, it heals and rejuvenates your cells from within by gently nourishing your delicate skin cells.

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Highlights of Skin Tonic

  • Tones & balances for a radiant glow
  • Boosts collagen & elastin production for youthful glow
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Acts as rescue Tonic, Toner & Vitamin for skin in need of love
  • Malachite extract seeks out free radicals for skin detox
  • Soothing after-sun treatment
  • Neutralizes excess oil
  • Can be used daily after cleansing or as a moisturiser for slightly oilier skin
  • Ideal for men after shaving

Highlights of Everyday Cream

  • Suitable for face & body.
  • Restores skin’s natural glow
  • Baobab rich to produce Collagen & Elastin for youthful, supple skin.
  • Softens skin by maintaining skin elasticity & hydration.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-ageing.
  • Easily absorbed. No oily residue on skin
  • Earth-friendly
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic
  • Helps skin with eczema
  • Excellent for sensitive or dry skin

Soothes, Balances & Hydrates

A mineralising two-phase skin tonic formulated to hydrate, restore and nurture. Powerful tonic to nourish and heal skin cells in need of love. Rich in organic rose-water, it balances skin pH for a calming effect. Baobab oil is known to soothe damaged skin.

Skin Tonic

Luxury for Face and Body

This cream melts into your skin leaving no oily residue. Rich in baobab oil which is an excellent moisturizer to improve skin elasticity & improves skin’s natural glow. It is light enough for face yet rich enough for body. Made with precious organic ingredients, it does not clog pores but made to sink right in, quenching thirsty skin. Blended with selected essential oils for a luxurious experience and relaxing scent.

Radiant Complexion

Radiant glow. Perfect morning pick me up for a glowing complexion. Absolutely no synthetic ingredients because we know you love your skin as much as we do.

Premium Organic Ingredients


Malachite, a mineral-rich crystal extract, has powerful antioxidant qualities. A semi-precious stone said to have a host of healing properties, malachite is renowned for removing impurities from the skin. It seeks out free radicals, effectively detoxifying skin. Rich in copper, zinc and magnesium, malachite extract helps to regenerate skin cells. It has anti-ageing qualities and protective benefits for those who love being outdoors. It also acts as an after-sun healer, calming redness and irritated skin.

Rose water

Chosen for its anti-inflammatory properties, this helps soothe and calm skin irritation, redness or even skin damage.

Kalahari melon seed oil

It has incredible restructuring and regenerating properties. The oil contains a large amount of phytosterols, which maintain the barrier function of the skin.

Baobab oil

Baobab oil improves the elasticity of skin while reversing and healing damaged skin. Combined with rich anti-oxidants, it is a potent natural essence for anti-aging skin care regime as well as healing bouts of sensitive skin or even eczema. Rich in Vitamin C which is integral to the body’s production of collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for youthful, supple skin.

Why They Love The Skin Tonic & Everyday Cream

  • positive review I have used the products for a few days, and it works amazingly great on my oily-combination skin, my face is less oily during the day, and the breakouts are significantly lesser within few days, the appearance of pores are... show more

    Cheryl Lim Avatar
    Cheryl Lim
  • positive review absolutely loving the everyday cream!! i even use it on my hands and feet. love the smell too 🙂

    Nadia Syafiqah Avatar
    Nadia Syafiqah
  • positive review Straight to the point, I’m glad to try out the Skin Creamery trial set. It works wonders to the skin after using the products. Now, we will continue using it and yes, I said we, meaning my daughter starts using... show more

    Irdawati Idrus Avatar
    Irdawati Idrus
  • positive review Fell in love with the every day cream because it’s so amazing for my dehydrated skin. Since I loved the every day cream, I decided to try a few other things. I got my parcel in less than 24 hours... show more

    Sofia Parkes Avatar
    Sofia Parkes
  • positive review Loving the Hydrating Facial oil and Skin Tonic.It really help to hydrates my dry skin and the skin tonic really helps in controlling my breakouts. Already on my 2nd bottles for both products ♥️

    Zaffan Zuhir Avatar
    Zaffan Zuhir
  • positive review My second bottle for the skin creamery everyday cream! It was so great that i can use it on my face and body! Most important of the cream was the ingredient where its organic! The effect after applying was great... show more

    XinJie Lim Avatar
    XinJie Lim
  • positive review Bought the cleanser , skin tonic , Everyday cream & cleansing powder.
    After 2 weeks of using, my face became brighter, pimple scar start fading and my skin become smoother.
    Awesome product! Thank you Skin Creamery!

    Thew Fong Yee Avatar
    Thew Fong Yee
  • positive review I started using the skin tonic and everyday cream as I purchased the limited bundle set. Its been great on my skin. I finally found a cream based moisturiser that non greasy and it settle down nicely on my skin.... show more

    Siti Nurbaizura Avatar
    Siti Nurbaizura
  • positive review I bumped into Skin Creamery product while browsing Instagram and was brought to Savanna Goodness . My first purchase was the bundle set of Skin Tonic with a mini Every Day Cream . I love the Skin Tonic so much... show more

    Amy Tan Avatar
    Amy Tan
  • positive review I hv bought the skin tonic & everyday cream. love d skin tonic. it calms my skin & gives glow in the morning.

    Nurul Fitriah M Noor Avatar
    Nurul Fitriah M Noor
  • positive review Skin Creamery Skin Tonic & Everyday Cream is simply amazing! I was actually skeptical when it comes to the price & product rage but I fall in love with it after I tried it. It was not heavy on the... show more

    Elizabeth LizTan Avatar
    Elizabeth LizTan
  • positive review I am always on the mission to search for skincare that suits me - and my search ends with Savanna Goodness. My skin condition has never been better - less visible pores and balanced (neither too greasy nor too dry).... show more

    Shang Hui Chung Avatar
    Shang Hui Chung
  • positive review jatuh cinta dengan sananna goodness...mahal tapi berbaloi.i love it...lembut je muka walaupun baru je guna.tangan ni asyik nak usap muka je?...oil-milk cleanser,hydrating oil,everyday cream,skin tonic and cleansing powder....tq savanna goodness??

    Siti Aminah Basri Avatar
    Siti Aminah Basri
  • positive review I love the full range of your products! I’m so happy that I get the chance to try out the full range of your products previously in travel size.

    The skin tonic, hydrating oil and cleansing powder are amazing! All...
    show more

    Jaslyn Lam Avatar
    Jaslyn Lam
  • positive review ? I’ve been using the Skin Tonic and Facial Hydrating Oil for over a month now. Granted, I was hesitant at the very beginning as I’ve extremely fussy skin. Spots would mushroom on my forehead due to stress, and usually... show more

    Spanish Cat Avatar
    Spanish Cat

Skin Creamery Skin Tonic is made with premium organic ingredients. 100% natural ingredients.

Made with love in Cape Town, South Africa.
Suitable for all skin types.

50ml Skin Tonic in a frosted glass pump.
200ml Everyday Cream in a frosted glass pump.
Packed safely for online shipping.

Refer to the Everyday Cream and Skin Tonic for more information.

Skin Tonic

Shake bottle well +/-10 seconds, to adequately mix water and oil phases. Pump desired amount (3 pumps will be enough for face and neck) into the palm of your hand, apply to skin – Safe to use over eye area. The Skin Tonic is ideal to use after cleansing to help restore balance to the skin. It can be used on all areas of the skin in need of a little extra love and is ideal as a soothing, cooling after-sun treatment.

Everyday Cream

Smooth a generous amount of Skin Creamery Everyday Cream into the skin to encourage absorption, while allowing the beautifully light fragrance to soothe and revitalize the senses. The Cream can be used on the face as well as the body. It does not clog pores & leaves no oily residue.

Apply Skin Tonic before the Everyday Cream. Use anytime of the day.

Weight 571 g

Everyday Cream

Weight 390 g

Skin Tonic

Weight 181 g

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